The day to day activities of the Foundation will be managed by the Directorate of PTMF that will comprise of experienced professionals and a multi-disciplinary team specialized in engineering, general management, technology and project management under the guidance of an executive director.

Project Management & Program Management
Projects are of varied nature, size and complexity. Projects range from large infrastructure projects to small projects and may include: developing a new product, implementing new organisational structure, introducing new manufacturing process, construction of infrastructure facilities such as road, bridges, oil and gas, power, water supply systems etc. Project management as a discipline is of significant economic importance. India spends about one third of its GDP on new capital formation which is almost entirely project-based. Managing projects and programs within time frame, cost and conforming to technical requirements with effective management of resources are core issues of critical importance. Project and technology management foundation (PTMF) will contribute in disseminating the best practices and innovative ideas and impart training for effective management of projects and programs. Risk management, environment and energy management, sustainability issues in project management will be important issues to be addressed.

Technology Management
Technology is central to economic growth. Technology encompasses three fields of activities:product, process and information technology. Application of latest technology has become key factor and of critical importance for effective management of projects and programmes. Use of ICT plays an increasingly important role in planning, scheduling, managing resources and mitigating risks for projects and program. PTMF will develop training modules for imparting knowledge on the latest project management technologies.

International Collaboration
The foundation will have collaboration with international organisations in the profession of project, program and technology management. Presently PTMF has support of NETLIPSE of Netherland, Innova Consulting in Project and Programme Management as well as Lens Living Lab both in Slovenia and Cranefield college of Project and Programme Management , Johannesburg , South Africa.

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