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PTMF International Journal of Project and Technology Management provides a comprehensive coverage of various topics under the ever evolving field of project and technology management. It draws expertise from leading academicians and practitioners from across the globe and presents a platform for its readers to share their experiences across a wide range of industries. Besides covering works from leading academicians across the globe, the journal also includes conference reports and book reviews.

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     index Prof. Dr. Rajat K Baisya

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   PTMF International Journal of Project And Technology Management
   Vol. 1, Issue 1

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   ●  Articles

  index Mastering Successful Parallel Areas of Complexity - a structured PM approach.
       Baumann, T (USA) and Kaiser, M (Germany)

  index A knowledge-based approach to project management for improved organizational
        performance. Murray, A. J (USA)

  index Innovation Ecosystem with Open Research and Innovation Communities.
       Semolic, B (Slovenia)

  index Application of Project Management principles to improve innovation.
       Henriksen, L (Denmark)

  index Technology Management and public healthcare scenario in Indian Health System -
       An Analysis. Baisya, A. K (India)

  index Project Management Strategies for Large Infrastructure Projects - Theory of Constraints.
       Goldratt, R (Israel)

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